Opinions On 89 For Sale

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I'd be concerned that there isn't much info or pictures in that ad. I usually stay away from these as the person is probably lazy and didn't take care of the vehicle. I could be wrong and it may be a diamond. Only way to find out is a visit. Keep us posted.
id wonder why they'd just up and trade their fox just to get an Automatic fox, not much love for that car it seems, but the drivers side looks good.....
Make sure you take it for a test drive. I might be off on this, but the sudden need for an auto transmission makes me wonder if his manual is on it's way out? It's not uncommon for these T5's to have bad synchros. If so, make sure to knock $400-$500 off of his asking for the rebuild.

Look it over, get as many pics as you can, then come back and give us the scoop. Don't get caught up in the moment and buy it on sight. Patience is what's gonna get you the best deal on this car.
I have a couple more pics including one of the engine but my photobucket app is not working for some reason.

The ac lines are gone but the compressor is still there. I can see that much.
I have a couple more pics including one of the engine but my photobucket app is not working for some reason.

The ac lines are gone but the compressor is still there. I can see that much.

Unless he capped off the evaporator core, count on it being shot as well...especially if it's been sitting exposed for any length of time. Can't for the life of me think why he would remove the lines, but leave the rest? Tack on another $500-$1000 to repair/replace the A/C system.
OK, heres the engine pic. Still have not gone to look at it. That is Saturday.

So the car was black? And repainted white?

I'd check the hatch and door jambs to see that the color change was done right and not just externally.

The pic is too dark to see much, but that water pump looks ugly
The car was an overall rag with dozens of nickle and dime stuff messed up. We walked without making an offer due to rust and accident damage evidence. The pictures show some of the deal killers.

Front fenders out of alignment.


Accident damage at radiator support.


Accident damage at front drivers side frame rail

Huge gap at drivers side window frame to body. Yes, the door is fully closed in this picture.


Rust in shock towers.


Severe rust in door jamb at hinge location passenger side. Lame attempt to conceal with spray paint.

That guy would have better luck parting it out.

Let me guess. He couldn't believe you didn't buy it on the spot and though you a fool for walking away from his "mint" car?

Actually, the feeling I got was he had not owned this car very long. It had expired temporary tags on it. It's a shame but he probably got taken by the person who sold it to him recently.

He said he had turned down cash offers. I asked him what the best offer was and he said $3500. I told him he should seriously reconsider that offer. That was the end of my visit.

It's my son who was considering buying the car. He brought a friend with him who is familiar with the common problems with these cars. He quickly pointed out key points of concern. I can't thank him enough.
Another weird thing is even though it's an '89, it had an airbag steering column. One of the main reasons to get an '89 in the first place is for a non-airbag car. '89 is a great year to have if it's a decent car. First year for MAF and last year as a non-airbag.

There were many other things wrong with the car but I see no sense in boring you all with the smaller details. I don't intend to bash the seller in any way. I hope that he can realize the car is not worth anything near what he wants for it. If he got done wrong that's a shame. But to try and do somebody else wrong to recover from it, that's not cool.