Roush Opinions!!!


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Aug 26, 2006
OK, How many of you guys just drive your saleen on weekends??? My 06 has about 7000 miles on it...I just can't help not driving it...There are so many cars out here...very few Saleens...I just have to be out and be the odd i don't drive in snow or rain but I guess it matters if your going to sell it right??? I probably would not buy a saleen if it has high mileage if it is a newer car...But is that just for the collector guys??
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98 Saleen Cobra

New Member
Sep 10, 2005
Campbell, Ca
Back when I was at home I only drove my car on the weekends and then I started to drive it everyday, but then I left. The car only have 8k miles on it. but when I get home it'll be a daily driver for me. So if you are going to sell it eventually then I wouldn't put a lot of miles on it, but if it's a keeper than hell drive it all you want, and modify it all you want. It's your car. Just my opinion though. If your a collector guy and want to keep it stock and never drive and want to sell it in the future for a butt load of money then I wouldn't drive it. But what it boils down to is what you plan on doing with it in the future.


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Dec 16, 2003
If it is a true collector car, mileage will not hold a very large bearing on value at all. Condition will hold the value of the car. That known, a perfect 0 mile car would be worth more than a 100,000 mile car of the exact same type and model, but nothing that one should be concerned with. If a collector car is in "brand new" or close to "brand new" condition - it is always worth the money no matter what!

SVT Saleen

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Aug 10, 2005
Rare weekends, to & from shows only for my Speedster. The fact that I purchased it with less than 5K original miles keeps me from racking up more of them. Plus I'm just too paranoid about something happening to it during a daily commute or in the parking lot @ work.

For 2 years my '89 Saleen was my only vehicle so it had to be my daily driver, even for a cross country trip. But after I purchased a true daily driver vehicle, it was once again relegated to an occasional/show only driver.

Having owned both a SVT Contour & now owning a SVT Focus as daily drivers, makes not driving the Saleen more tolerable because the former vehicles were/are such blasts to drive. :nice:


SN Certified Technician
Aug 8, 2003
I drive my xp8 on a pretty daily basis.
I'd really choose to not be seen in anything else.

I just have to be a bit more careful than you guys, based on the fact there are no replacement parts.