optimum shift points for 99+ GT


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Jun 20, 2003
When racing I've been shifting at about 6000 RPM. People have told me when racing I Should be shifting at a lower RPM because our little motors run out of juice at about 5400. This may explain my less than dazzling 1/4 mile times. If this is the case at what RPM should I be shifting?
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Have you dyno'd your setup? If so you can look at your dyno graph and see at what RPM your hp is highest and design your shift pattern so that when you shift to the next gear that you hit just before your peak hp. I just dyno'd mine last night and I have not had a chance to go out and "play" so I can see where I need to be shifting for each gear.

Hope this helps. It may not be exactly perfect ( I am sure someone will be happy to tell me so ) but it will be fairly close.

98yellowgtdropt said:
if you drop your 60' by at least a tenth you should be at 14.0
your launch will improve your et more than your power shifting as long as you shift clean. work on the 60 foot.
supposedly every tenth in 60' is 2 tenths in the 1/4

My sixty foot needs to drop by 2/10 this will put me at 13.8. I figure my 410's should have me well into the 13's if I learn where to shift this biyatch.