2005 V6 manual shift issue


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Aug 28, 2023
Just purchased a 2005 Mustang with V6 manual shift. 200,000 miles.
The shifter and transmission has issues where when shifting into 1st sometimes doesn’t go in at all and have to pull it hard back into 2nd and the push swiftly upward into 1st.
All the gears are a little difficult but not always.
Reverse always grinds if moving directly from 1st to reverse. If I go to 5th then reverse no problem. Or if I cut the engine off goes to reverse no problem.
This car has well over 200000 miles and I bought it to flip. The price was right.
I do know that there is an aftermarket shifter in the car because the previous owner gave me the stock shifter.
I took it down our country road and it shifted thru the gears 1 thru 5 okay but need to with authority.
I suspect a couple of problems that may be causing this:
Clutch not totally disengaging.
Bad synchronization
Possible roll pin failure.
Other shift linkage issue.
Old or wrong fluid.
The list goes on and on…

I am looking to check the simplest items first without pulling the transmission.
With the miles on this car I may have to rebuild or replace it in which case I’ll be looking for a cheap working replacement.

Looking forward to input on this subject.

I am a retired mechanic but in no way a T5 experienced tech. My first encounter with this car.

Thank you all
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I'd start with the simple things like replacing the clutch fluid and the transmission fluid. If things don't improve and all gears grind when you're shifting, I'd suspect either a bad slave cylinder or a worn clutch friction plate.