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Jun 28, 2020
Eugene,, OR
I have decided to SELL the Mustang. Several reasons. People all around me seem to be dying and I am starting to feel my age. Not pains and all that,but not having the desire to work on the Mustang/other complete rebuild. Painting is fun. Plus I REALLY HATE THE PAINT I USED. Each time I look I see it. So, putting it up for sale or trade for a running car. My first choice being a 70's Capri. I know, they are far and few between, but I do like them. Followed by an early 60's Falcon/Rancho o,r older Ford. I am going to ask about $2,500 which includes all parts, mostly new parts. Mustang is in BOXES. Have 95 Mustang disc brake system to include the complete rear end and front spindles. Also have a set of 79/80 Mustang Recardo front seats. Good shape, but do need new covers. Back seats the same, but are good. Tons of new parts still in boxes. Complete dash. I was going to convert the instrument panel to Auto meter gauges. Those come with it. No engine/transmission. Those will be sold by themselves. Will be asking $1,750 FIRM. Refreshed 91 5.0 GT. One head needed values done. T-5 was professional build and has not been installed. Engine not installed. So, if anyone looking in Oregon/Washington/CAlif for a 79 Pace Car. Let me know. Yes, there is a "W" in the ID number. Complete decal set comes with. Was a 2.3 with Turbo but I did not get that when I bought this I do have a spare 1980 Cobra Mustang that comes with it. NO PAPERWORK for the 80 Mustang. Complete car, Was using it to know where parts go. It has the OEM engine turbo engine. It sat for a long time so I don't know if the engine is any good. That's all. Will provide more information if wanted. DOES NOT RUN AT THIS TIME. Will be putting this on Craigs list and others. Just waiting for my buddy to come show me how all that works. I don't do any of the social stuff. May be able to deliver to close location or Oregon boarder north or south. East boarder maybe........will trade for a Capri or NEW MUSTANG..... Larry:parg:
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