OT: Those with multiple stangs....


New Member
Jan 6, 2004
Ok here goes, I have 2 stangs, a 95 GTS and a 95 Cobra. I think they are spiritually connected somehow as to when one has a problem usually within a month or so the other has teh same probelm. For instance, last summer the cobra started running like crap, did a tune up and still ran like crap. Turned out to be the distributor. Two weeks later the GTS was due for a tune up so I proceed to do the usual, cap, rotor, wires, plugs. Well all goes well until I crank it up, has a very nasty miss and wont pull up the drive way, I was like WTF. Swapped everythihg back out one at a time and the problem was still there, ended up being teh distributor bad.

Second connection: Last winter the fan in the cobra goes out, put new fan in and viola fixed like new money. Next day get in the GTS to go to the track and the fan locks up on the way there.

Now are these coincidence or are they connected on some weird electrical wireless link. I know this is a stupid post but just wanted to see who else has had this happen to them.
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