painless wiring vs. stock wiring

I am working on a major rebuild of my 67 Fastback. After four years of being in pieces and a trip to the sandblaster the wiring must be redone (it was bad to begin with). I am paying a resto shop by the hour so time to install is important. What system gives best bang for buck and ease of installation? The three systems I have seen are

1. Stock harness
2. Painless wiring
3. I-squared
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Painless and the stock wiring harnesses when brand new take about the same time to install if you are talking about the painless kit that is built for your car. Otherwise the universal kit is going to take longer to install then the stock replacement type that painless sells. I've never seen the isquared kit installed on a real car before.
If you trust the guys at the shop, this would be a good question to discuss with them. I hate it when I take a part to a shop and hear "We can make this work but it would have been better if you bought...."
If you're not comfortable discussing such things with the shop guys, you need a new shop.
Remember that painless makes a kit specific to your car and a kit that is a generic type. The generic type takes longer to install. Since you are going EFI it may be better for you overall to go with an 18 circuit painless kit. Other opinions on this would be welcome.