Paint in New Jersey

Okay so I'm starting to look into paint for my car but I really want it done right. I want the whole exterior looking perfect. Any great body, paint, or mustang specific shops that do great paint work in the NJ area. I wanted to keep the car white but do a pearl blue over that.
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I went to school with I think either the manager or owners son. I cant remember what the affiliation is. At any rate, a good friend/coworker of mine had his 90 lx hatch painted by them and its the best paint job ive seen for the price. He got a basic paint job with a few of his own touches, but they did a fantastic job. No orange peel at all, and the finish has lasted a few years and the car looks brand new when its clean. When I get my paint and body work done thats where my car is goin. Its expensive but worth it.