Painting/Sanding (Saleen Urethane Parts)


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Oct 11, 2004

As you can see in the picture above, I want to paint the section between the exhaust pipes of my Saleen rear fascia black. It's all white right now, and I bought 400grit sandpaper and Ford black paint (spray kind).

I am unsure of what to do. Do I need to sand the section completely until all the white paint is off? Or do I just need to sand it a little? After sanding, do I just push the spray can trigger lightly until I coat everything? How many coats do you think I need to make it nice?

Am I missing anything besides the sanding and painting (besides clear coat which I plan to do after)?


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since you are doing it with spray can, all you have to do is mask off the area to paint first. then sand the paint until the shine is gone---all of it. this is going to be tricky for you, because the paint is white. you will have to get down and close to it and be sure there are no small shiney spots. once the shine is gone, clean it with a wax/grease remover and wipe clean. then all you should have to do is spray several light coats over the area to be painted. i cant stress this enough...SEVERAL LIGHT COATS. let 5-10 mins between coats. you are going to want to rush this, but dont. wait the 5-10 mins, then add another coat. when you think you have enough coats on there, do a few more to be sure. if you do heavy coats, it will take orever t dry, and you have more chances of failure, and you will be doing it over again.....
find a piece of wood or cardboard and practice the paint spraying/strokes. Make very light passes back and forth and don't get too close or you will get paint globs/runs. Make sure it is not windy and cover up the back of your car so you don't get any overspray on the rest of the car. PRACTICE FIRST.