Parking Brake Equalizer

Dr Black

New Member
Oct 21, 2013
Hey Guys,

New to the site, I tried searching, but no luck. I was wondering where I could find a parking brake equalizer or one that will fit a 1978 Mustang II. I've been searching around like made but can't find anything! I was looking at a 65 equalizer, and thought it may fit, but I'm not to sure. Thanks in advance for the help guys!
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I had lost my equalizer when I reassembled my car, but was fortunate enough to find another II in a salvage yard. What I was going to do was try to locate one from a Fox body and see if it would work if I didn't find a II. I would think that they may be similar enough to try. I would like to think that one from a 65 probably wouldn't work due to the different locations of the parking brake actuator. Early models used a foot pedal whereas the II uses a pull handle. Sorry it is not a definitive answer, but hopefully helps point you in a direction that can help you out!
Well I bought a 65 equalizer off of ebay. Compatibility says it goes all the way up to 1973, which is a mustang ii model (correct me if im wrong). Once it arrives and I try to fit it on, I'll report back. Thanks for replying!
Hi Guys. a 1965 eqaulizer will fit and take care of the job. I just have to release some of the tension to tighten up the rod with both screws (if that makes sense to anyone).
I'm glad it worked for you, and thanks for sharing. These fall out of our cars far too often -- once the cable stretches there's not much holding the equalizer in place -- so be sure to keep it in adjustment. My present setup is a cable-clamp connected to the equalizer rod (which works just fine and I know it won't just fall off). Maybe I'll upgrade knowing the 65 part fits.