PCV screen


Jun 17, 2003
Where can I get a PCV screen (filter)? Actually, this is for my 5.0 Crown Vic, but I know I've replaced it on my stang before too. It's the same part.

It is a cylindrical shaped item about an inch in diameter and about an inch high. If you pull out the PCV valve and the grommet, you'll find the screen below there.

I just put new head gaskets on the Crown Vic, and found that the screen was totally clogged with crap. I couldn't get it out of the intake lower without destroying the thing. I'm guessing that the cloggage was one cause of my massive oil leaks on that car too...

Anyway...where can I buy this part? I went to several parts stores and called a few others. They don't seem to know what I'm talking about. I was able to find it on www.rockauto.com...but I don't feel like paying $6 shipping for a $7 part.

You can see the part here...http://www.rockauto.com/ref/Airtex/Detail.html?6P1257.jpg
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The dealer (the screen is like 5-7 bucks).

Some parts stores can get them - so people have posted in here before.
At home I have part numbers from Schmucks and NAPA. I will post them later tonight if you still need them.

If they try to look them up under pcv, they will never find it. It is usually listed as a screen or crankcase screen, I think.

It can be found on the Schucks site. There are 2 listed there I think.

yup puteramI is correct you need to ask them for a crankcase breather filter/screen. I got mine from the ford dealer for about 5 bucks, they had it in stock! good luck man