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Sep 25, 2005
Cincinnati area
Anyone have recommendations on some good aftermarket aluminum type pedals? Good brands, good prices, etc.? I'm guessing these aren't hard to install...any suggestions?

I have about 60 bucks to spend, and can't think of a good mod for that money, and I spend it soon or its gone forever!
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Yeah I like the FRPP/Bullitt ones, the Steeda ones seem to blingy for me. I like the aluminum/black look, will blend with my dark gray interior, and I don't plan to dress up the whole interior with billet or anything like that.

I've thought about the grille delete, but don't think I'm gonna do a chin spoiler with my car being yellow. I only really like those on dark cars where they blend in more and look like a part of the bumper itself.
DocG2828 said:
Can't be any worse than the Prochamber and Mac about a puzzle with all those pieces, and it still rubs on my gas tank...gonna hafta fix that!

They might not be that bad but they are still a pain in the a** to get on. You will do more swearing installing the pedals than the exhaust. :D
Ernad said:
I vote with 4u2gitit :flag:
don't bother with the aftermarket pedals. I have the factory Bullitt ones on my car, and they aren't terrible, but wet shoes + shiny metal != grip, even with the nubs. Don't get me wrong, it isn't super dangerous or anything, but regular rubber pedals are far better. I don't know about you, but I don't like the concept of a slippery brake pedal.
nope i didnt do that. just a little dish soap and slide them on as far as you can with your hands then get in the driver seat and push them with your foot and slide a little and they should go on. remember push and slide
dont forget to use a flathead.. :) Soak those Bishes! I put my anniversary pedals on my old maxima.. it sucked! But def. worth it.. What can i say, the look outweighed the labor!