Pedator Tuner Question...2007 Mustang...

I just got my Predator Tuner. I got it so I could turn off the rear O2 sensors because I have an offroad H pipe now. I can't find the section to turn the sensors off! I found the section to change the gears,cooling fan,maf etc but the O2 sensors are not on that list...Please help.Thanks...
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I had a Predator for a '99 Z28 and my rear O2 delete option was written into the custom tune itself. There was not a seperate option in the menu section. Did you tell the guy you got it from you wanted rear O2 delete? Have you loaded the custom tune yet? I hope that helped.
I was on the diablo sport sites forum a while back and remember reading about that the O2 delete was no longer a option do to legal issues. You may need to get a custom tune for something like that by bamachips or one other custom tuners.
Update!Check engine light finally came on after 50 miles or so with the rear O2 sensor codes again.That proves to me that the Predator stock tun DOES NOT turn off the rear O2's...Like Stang_It suggests- I'll check out the OBDII menu and hopefully the 02 ON and OFF option is in that section. If that doesn't work I guess I'm going to need a custom tune...
Here's the steps you need to do in order to shut off your o2 sensors with your tuner.

1.When Predator loads up select "Performance Tune"
2.Scroll down the menu until you see "Modify Stock Tune" and select it.
3.The next screen you should see I believe is; "Modify Tune" & "Install Tune". Select "Modify Tune"
4.Scroll down the list until you see "OBDII" and select it.
5.Scroll down to Hego Config and select it. You then have to select "Off" which shuts off all o2 sensors.
6.Exit out of all menus until you see the "Modify Tune" & "Install Tune" and select "Install Tune". This will now modify your stock tune to shut off your o2 sensors.

I'm going on memory here so the steps might not be that accurate but you'll know when you're on the right track.

REMEMBER to make sure you have your original stock tune backed up before you do anything. I saved mine on my PC just incase. Your Predator will save your original tune on the tuner itself before you modify any perameters. I hope this helps you out. Good luck.
Well Thanks for all the replies. The Predator for my 2007 Mustang GT DOES NOT have the OBDII parameter modification capabilities! That's the whole reason I bought this tuner! I wanted to be able to turn off the rear O2 sensors whenever I needed to. Live and learn... The advertisement for this tuner is incorrect by the way...