people have no respect


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May 7, 2006
so my brother left for florida for a well earned vacation on monday.he left his mother in law to watch his house.he let two of his brother in law's live with them because they have no where else to go.i told him this was not a good idea,many times.the brother in law's drink too much,and don't have job' brother's wife treats them like they are her children.they bring their dumba$$ friend's over to drink and hang out in the garage.this is how their friends repay my brother's kindness.







the "friend"was trying to steal the amp and subs in the trunk,and his new wheel's and's an 05 ford focus.this all happened around 8pm last night while i was at work.the police were called and he was 4am this morning when i got off of work i went over to clean up the glass and secure the garage doors.i dont think insurance is going to cover the damage.going right now to buy some padlocks and latches and chains to seal everything up (he kicked in the door's and broke the knobs) til my brother gets home saturday night.
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Wow, I'd break someone's face severely if they did that to my car. Any idea why the insurance wouldn't cover a comprehensive claim? That's what vandalism should fall under.
WOW! The cops would be coming for if someone did that to anyone one of my cars. It looks like they were just as interested in destroying the car as they were stealing the amp.
The phrase that comes to mind is prosecute to the full extent of the law. Vandalizing someone's car is the most cowardly of acts. I regularly carry a hand gun and I often wonder what I would do if I walked to my car and saw someone vandalizing / trying to break into it. I'd like to think I'd be level headed and call the police.

Obviously the brother-in-laws need to be thrown out on the street and learn to survive on their own without handouts. That is, after they and their friends get beaten within an inch of their loser lives.
the insurance company has been called,but they cant send somebody out til next week.spoke to my brother.the plan is to kick their a$$es out,and make them pay for whatever it cost to have the car repaired.
I would call some back woods country boys I grew up with and go to the movies...let the waste of space just "not be found".

If homeowners covers this, let them deal with prosicution. It will be easier for them to charge/get a conviction than you that let this person live with you...not to mention I would not want a Ins. company after me...almost as bad as those back woods country boys only they make sure you live to suffer...doing it legal.

If the police are already in involved...let the legal system do its thing. It will be easier to atleast get the damage covered.

I will not let my own brother live with me much less in-law or friends. Feel sorry for them yes but whatever got you in a situation that bad I do not need brought to my home and into my life. The only exeption would be like an aging mother or mother/father in-law.
so the insurance adjuster came out today.the estimate came out to $ brother has liability-only coverage,none for non-accident damage.his boss is going to pay for the repair's and let him make payments.

the police let the guy go because they said they needed proof that the damage was over $400 to be considered a felony:mad:that's B.S.just by looking at the car,you can tell that the front and rear and door glass alone will cost over $400 dollars to repair.

we were going to put it in the shop today,but all the u-haul's had no tow dollie's available.there's a shop it town called Traveler's that's very sister got rear-ended two month's ago.she took the minivan there and it's impossible to tell it's been in an accident.we'll do it thursday morning.

as for the in-law's,my brother's wife is trying to convince my brother to let them stay and they will make payment's on the car.i told him no.kick them out,make them pay if he can,otherwise he will have to eat the costs.i dont belive they will make any meaningful payment's to him anyways.

i'm pissed that this happened to him,and i fully blame the brother in law's and the guy who did this.but,my brother share's a little blame men,we all have a duty to protect our home,family and property.this isn't the first time they have screwed him over.they would take $20 here and there from his wallet or his wife's.smoke drug's around the house when he's not there.when i say drug's i'm not talking weed,i mean meth.what's the old saying"fool me once,shame on you.fool me twice,shame on me."at the first sign of trouble,they should have been thrown out.just yesterday,he needed a jump on his avalanche since it was sitting for over a week in the garage.we went to push it out of the garage and heard glass break.looked under the front wheel there was a broken glass meth pipe.

the in laws know how i feel about them because i tell does the wife.i dont trust a single one of them,never have.i love my brother,but i feel a little helpless right now.he's a smart,and strong guy.but for some reason he won't do what he know's is the right decision.i don't understand.i'm there to back his play,kick some a$$,anything he needs from me he's got it.

i would love to go over ther right now and throw everyone out.if they get in my face,i'd put them on the ground.but i feel it's not my brother needs to handle that side of the family.i'll be there to watch his the mean time,i'll keep telling my brother what he needs to do.hopefully my word's will get through whatever his wife is telling him.

sorry for the long post,just needed to vent alittle.
ya man..your brother needs to curb stomp them..same thing kinda happened to me just not to this extent..someone broke into my car and stole my subs and in doing so they broke off one of my mirrors (im glad they didnt cut the top) and i would have givin them the subs if they would have asked and not broke my mirror off..your brother needs to not have such a big heart to them and kick them right out a.s.a.p. good luck with it all
The phrase that comes to mind is prosecute to the full extent of the law. Vandalizing someone's car is the most cowardly of acts. I regularly carry a hand gun and I often wonder what I would do if I walked to my car and saw someone vandalizing / trying to break into it. I'd like to think I'd be level headed and call the police.


Shoot him in the face and claim self defense. His word against yours.......oh wait.

Davis- thats a crummy thing to have happen to anyone. I see what you mean by some of it is his responsiblity but he needs to do the right thing and either kick his ass or kick him out, or both.
so yesterday we took the focus to the auto body shop.the estimate was $10200.00 total:eek:$2500-parts,$6000-labor,$1700-paint.since he dont have that kind of money,we decided to replace all the damaged parts on our own.we had the front,rear,and rear driver side door glass replaced for $470 yesterday.this morning i hit the junkyard,i bought the trunk lid for $150,bad thing is it's black,the focus is silver.driver side taillight for $25.shifter assembly for $24,rear seat back for $25.front and rear driver side inner door handles for $55 total.i installed all the parts today.the total price to get the car back on the road was only $749.

my brother plans on getting the bodywork and paint done at the end of the year when he has more money.the car looks good,considering what it's been through.i'll get some pics later,my batteries died when i tried to use the camera.

my brother thanked me.he's not too skilled with his hands:rolleyes:i dont mind doing the work.the only messed up thing about it is that his wife (who's car it is)did not even say thank's,not once:nonono:oh well,i was helping my brother anyways.