pics of dad racing at etown yesterday *DUW*

heres some pics from etown yesterday courtesy of my dad's med school roommate's camera....ENJOY :nice:
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me with the beast....
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dad (right) and his med school roomate (left)......
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gettin OWNED....j/k just a time shot.....
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battling traction woes the second half of the day, in elmininations, he lost in the 1st round of heavy eliminator, and had to forfiet the 1st round of top street because the car died in the staging lanes, and the track had their charge box stolen last weekend by a ford guy in the staging lanes..... overall a good day, best time of 10.89@ 123.9 deep staged with a 1.55 60'........better luck next time.....
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95riosnake said:
Is that the 2 gallon per mile beast you were tellin me about? That thing is wicked, eliminated or not...10.89 is an awesome time :nice:
yup thats the 2 gallon per mile beast....since hes been having traction problems, he keeps the tank full of gas, and he stole all our bench press weights, and put em in the trunk against the back bumper for weight he had to fill the tank with gas every few runs to keep the tank full.....its pretty funny.....everyone asks how the hell do u get that kinda weight transfer, and he opens the trunk and they see a full set of Weider plates, and they crack up hysterically........ :nice:
BlueOvalStangGT said:
Sweet car, how come your car isnt in the 10's yet.
ummmmmmm it is.....obviously, i mean dude my exhaust gave me 200hp, homemade CAI gave me 100 if not more......and those SN95 decals....woah, not even gonna start on how much hp they gave me......for serious tho i just dont have teh goal for the end of this year is mid to low 13's n/a...then i hope to get a used blower over teh winter or something, and some meth injection to run a lil more boost :p
WhiteStallionGT said:
Man you're so lucky that your dad is into racing and stuff. Both of you can work on your cars together, and he can install stuff for you. He's probably supports you 100% when you buy mods. I'm jealous.
you'd be surprised man now much freakin coaxing it took to let me get the o/r was pretty rediculous....i think when he realizes that once i have a job and can pay him back for the repairs, then i can buy w/e mods i want cause next race season im rite there in teh pits with him...... :D and yea its GREAT having another gearhead in teh family....
Yeah, dads who race pretty much rule!

I don't know if I would be as much into cars if it weren't for learning how to wrench with my dad as a kid.

Here's his car:

It's possible that without him and the dragster, I could have ended up a ricer. I'm glad I'll never know. :D


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matthiasj said:
Damn your dad has a nice car, even if it is a chevy.
yea for serious man.....i don't even care man its such a beast......when the engine builder popped the motor on his engine dyno it made over 675 hp, and over 700tq to the thats power right there......i was driving with him on the highway a few months ago, and he spun 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at 70mph...and the car is an auto..... :nice: