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I just ordered a set of Grab-a-track 1" drop 620/lb'ers and rev eve (1-1/2" drop) 4-1/2 leafs. My car already has the Shelby drop. I just want to know how the car will sit. My current set-up is a basterdized combo of cut factory springs, spacers, and redrilled holes that rubs and scrapes and doesnt handle very well. I know it will raise the front, which I want. I also have poly coil bushings and Del-A-Lum front eye bushings to go in also. Here is my current stance:

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When I put my 1" lowering springs in, it raised the front to a freakish height. I'm talking like 3-4" of gap above the tire, they had to be cut. The rear should be pretty close to what you have now which I think is perfect BTW

hey z06, what size wheels and tires do you have on the car in the pictures? what leaf springs and what inch lowering blocks do you have in the rear? car has excellent stance!!
My Grab-a-track 620s with 205x60x15 up front and no Shelby drop (yet), 1966 Mustang. Heights measured at fender lip above tire (OC w/tire).

620 installed = 26"

620 a week later = 25 7/8"

620 w/ 1/2 coil cut = 25.0"

620 a week later = 24 7/8"

620 w 1/4 coil cut = 24 3/8"

620 a month later = 24 1/8"

I kept a record to give me an idea of the coil cuts and settling effects...for next time.