Pictures/suggestions/questions with adding power distribution box.


New Member
Nov 2, 2004
I am in the process of undoing some of the last bits of ghetto-wiring in my 88 coupe. In the next week or so I am going to be adding electric fan, 6al, and a small amp, to my already overloaded starter solenoid. I am not even sure what is on there now, but it is a lot.

I am thinking that using a small distribution block would be a quick and easy way to clean it up. I just don't know exactly which approach I should take.

Right now I only have the stock positive cable going from the battery to the starter solenoid. On the solenoid post I have the positive cable and four other eyelets. I am not even sure what they all is the alt I assume, but that is it. I need to replace that wire due to my 130alt upgrade, but I figure the rest should be there.

Anybody have any diagrams, photos of their power distribution set up?
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