PiMPxs vs MS3 (Pro?) vs PNP MS2


Mod Dude
Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
You can literally use anything on the MS3X... just because it says MS1/MS2 does not mean it cannot be used with the MS3... If you do happen to get the zeal board and wire it in this opens up lots of possibilities... I know you have upgraded spindles does one of them have the reluctor wheel? if it does we can add a sensor to it and set you up with traction control!
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i'm familiar with penetration
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
I know you have upgraded spindles does one of them have the reluctor wheel? if it does we can add a sensor to it and set you up with traction control!
Yup, I have reluctors on all four wheels. Traction control was definitely something I wanted to try down the road.


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Nov 13, 1999
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
I currently only have one cable in my stash and someone already claimed it.
The cables are simple to find and I even have all the instructions needed to repin them.
I bought a Rotunda cable to be used as an extension, but it only had the 60-pin on one end & the wires weren't pinned through.
These guys make one, expensive. $200

IST now has male-female extension harnesses for the 60 pin EEC-IV or 104 pin EEC-V computer systems!!
After years of customer requests, IST now manufactures these harnesses so you don't have to cut your original harness
if you need extra length!! These OEM quality harnesses fit virtually ALL 60-pin EEC-IV or 104 pin EEC-V computers,
including Mustangs, F150, Bronco, Thunderbird, Cougar, Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, Town Car, Taurus, Sable, Ranger, etc.
in the 1985-95 year range (year dependant for specific models). Also great for custom engine swaps and kit cars!!
All 60 or 104 pins are extended to insure complete compatibility.
Longer lengths also available, call .


Mod Dude
Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
I have the pinout for that harness if you need it.
You may have to move one pin... I think one of the injectors is not populated...


Mustang Master
Aug 18, 2017
I thought about buying an extension harness so I could get my Pimpxs under the drivers seat
but that's a little pricey.
Currently I fabbed up a mount under the glovebox, think I'll leave it there for now.
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