Digital Tuning Pinging With Procal Tune


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Dec 18, 2013
Having trouble with pinging ever since I had the Ford Racing ProCal Tune installed. Called CJ Pony Parts, they said to have the dealer re-flash it; called the dealer (see more comments below) and they told me to have Ford Racing send them a letter promissing payment for any work they do. Called Ford Racing and they said don't bother re-flashing, just install an oil seperator. Not sure why Ford Racing doesn't make that part of the package BTW. Anyway, waiting for the JLT seperator. Hoping that will fix it. Anyone else out theere have the ProCal tune and experiencing the same problems?

(Valley Isle Ford on Maui - arguably the worst dealer on the planet. Customer service stinks. Scratched my rims on a rotation and refused to do anything about it. Just fair warning if you move to Maui)
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you can set your octane adjust with the tuner to Y. This tune really likes good gas, no question. However, I have shoved my fully loaded 12 into the 11s on this tune.
Thanks for the tip. I was under the impression that any adjustment on the tune has to be done by Ford service shop, which sucks since the Ford service on Maui is one chromosome short of a sea cucumber.
It seems to be hit and miss on the procal and ping issues. I ran one with 91 octane (SW MO, 10% corn here). Never once had issues. Ran .4 better on HOT/humid summer nights. .

I also had an oil separator, it was my first mod done. It's amazing how much oil it caught every 1k miles.
Thanks squeak 93! I installed the passenger side oil separator before I flew out to the mainland and it seemed to improve a bit. The Ford Racing rep told me it would take a few runs to get the built up oil gunk out of the system, so we'll see when I get back to Maui and can run the GT some.