Pir 5-27-05?


15 Year Member
Jul 13, 2003
Tucson AZ
Who's in? i'll be there try'n like hell to get the bottle done today !!!! Kinda courious to see what i'll get with it before i do the heads and intake? This is a recoerd breaking for me not to have the parts installed, i've had the intake for over 2 month's the heads for about 6 but just found out i can use them a couple month's ago (THANKS!). So we'll see i got a hella day ahead today gotta paint a unit wash the stang finish the install................. damn what else??????????? :bang: So see ya all tonight bright and early (for me) at 6. I might make is tomorrow as well depend's when the wife goes to bed, planning on tomorrow night bout 9ish. peace

john :p
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