play in steering wheel


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Apr 26, 2003
hey whats up, when im driving my 85 gt down the road, dosent really matter what speed im going, but with the wheels straight when im driving i can move the steering wheel about a half inch on both ways (left and right) with out moving the wheels, anybody know a fix for this. its not a real big problem but something dosent seem right. thanks
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green said:
so it wouldent be something in the steering box? and by rag joints you mean ball joints right?
if you have a steering box, go for it. I was under the impression that your 85 would have a rack and pinion instead. the gears inside the rack can go south. the inner and outer tie rods can go south. if the inner tie rods, it is often more cost effective to replace the rack (which should come with new inners). if the outters, replace them.

if no slop can be found in the steering from the rack to the wheels: the rag joints are the universal joints on the steering shaft. they can develop slop just like a U-joint on a driveshaft.

good luck.
ya sorry about that HISSIN50. your right i wasent even really thinking. my car has a rack n pinion. i will check out those things you told me and see if i can find anything. thanks