please help cms stage one cams rpms always drop low and almost die at a stop!!!


Jul 7, 2008
guys i have had my cams for 2 years now and i have fought and fought with my idle ... when i come to a stop or push the clutch in my rpms drop really low it almost dies and sometimes does and then pops right back up ... i have went through 3 iac valves in 2 years starting to think thats not my problem any suggestions ... i cant find any vac leaks and i have replaced my pcv valve also and checked my idle screw on the t/b ... please help its my daily driver and between this and other proplems im having im about to run my car off a cliff ..
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thats what everyone says but i have had 2 diferent tune companies send me a tune and then 3 weeks ago i finally had it dyno tuned and still having the same issue , i will say my tuner is looking at it again on sunday because im also gettin p0602 and p0300 but i got those codes before with the last tunes and even when they fixed the tune i still had this problem ugghhhhh thanks for the reply man anything else u think it can be
I had my tuner look at mine and he just had to go in and mess with the idle settings and something with the mass air was right and the the o2s were right and mine was fine I did bump the idle to 750 in my xcal and I rarely had the problem. If he would have dynoed it he would have been right on with it.
thats what i was thinkin but something went wrong with his tune after 3 days the check engine light came on and i started having all these problems again and the exhaust is realy stong smelling