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May 6, 2010
hey there i hope sum one can help me out i recently had my car broken into and they stole my cluster my stereo and my seats. Anyways i bought a cluster for 120 bucks off sum guy who had crashed his. My mustang is a v6:notnice:
2002 3.8l i installed the cluster and the car wont turn on. The cluster's theft light on blinks rapidly when i got to turn on the car. Any body with any idea of how to fix??? thanks.
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i had the same problem when i bought a GT cluster for my V6..Only solution i could fint was to get copy of the key made and reprogram the cluster..ofcourse you have to go to the dealership to get the copy seing that its chips and programed to your car i belive..that ran me about $145..It wont read the cluster cz its not the original cluster and the theft lights turns on and when you turn the key it sounds like the battery is dead right?
well when i hook it up it acts normal it does display the mileage. just when u go turn it on it just cranks. cant believe they stole my dash. so iam guessing who ever has it is in the same place as i. cause i bet they cant use it. also i install a 03 cobra hood on my mustang and on the right side (passenger side) it doesnt seem to close all the way if u look at the car from the front it looks like its hitting sumthing. but its NOT>? anybody know why