Please Help, is my car a Special one?


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Jan 29, 2007
The car is a Mustang GT 4.6 Conv, and the color is Orange (Bright Tangerine)
With two white stripes over the car and a two tone Interial white/black (4Z) and white Top.

The car has Sidepips with SVO Loggo!?? and it´s look Original.
In the doorpost is one Tag that says FORD CELEBRATION 6-20C-R10 and
F64E-6EO61-BZH and one thats say CANADA 977?

The transmission is four-speed 4R70W (U) and rearaxel ratio 3.27 (E).

So my Question is: Is this a Special Car??:shrug:

Please I need help from you people that now.

My best regards: Kennet from Sweden

Ps I can e-mail some pictures of my car if you need, Because I dont now how to put in pictures in my letters.
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Hello Rick.

Yes I think that to.

Because SVO whas in the 1984-86 I think.
It should have been SVT in 96.

but perhaps It´s a Canadian Import the SVO is correct?
Because It´s sure look Original on the car.

My regards
Kennet C
No SVO was the name of Fords aftermarket parts dept until it was changed to FRPP in the late 90s. The SVO parts are Ford parts but didn't come stock on the car. The paint is a rare color though. Tangerine...its a nice car you have there.