PLEASE help!


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Jul 25, 2004
Canton Ohio
My harmonic balancer wobbles way more than i think it should. Just in the last few days ive been hearing a knocking. It looks like the harmonic balancer is hitting the timing marker when it gets to the extremes of its wobbles. What in the world could cause this, and also, im planning on going to the track friday... so would i be ok just taking the timing marker off for now so it doesnt knock? or should i not go because the balancer is effed?
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No there is a rubber ring that seperates the Balancer hub from the outer ring. Time /RPM/ horsepower make it deteriorate & slip over time. Mine seems to go through balancers once every 3 years or so (using stock replacements).

Replace it. Not only could the outer ring seperate & kill someone but the vibrations the motor will make from being out of balance will wreak all kinds of havoc on the motor.
ok, so im gonna replace the balancer tomorrow after school, i know i need to rent the puller from Autozone, but what else will i need to do the job? any surprises that i always seem to run into, that i should know about beforehand? also will i need new bolts or if mine look ok can i use them?
thanks for the advice guys, im not gonna even drive the car until i fix it, let alone race it... i just hope as mike86 said that my engine hasnt suffered any permanent damage from this crap. :damnit:
if you have not felt any vibes yet, probably no damage done. I do agree completely with what Mike and Jamie said and you are wise for not driving it till you toss a new one on.

the bolt has a 15/16" head IIRC (somewhere between 13/16" and 15/16" - i cant remember for sure. i think the latter is right though).

remove the washer after removing the bolt. be careful of the key and keyway upon installation. some like to use RTV and neverseize upon installation.

also, i like to use the removal AND installation kit (some parts stores have removal kits and some have one kit that does both. i like the latter).

good luck.