polished Trick Flow intake!


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Jun 21, 2002
Portland - Oregon
finally finished polishing my TFS intake today, snapped a couple of pics, just thought id share!

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Gibbo97 said:
that looks awesome! how long did it take you?
Gosh thats a good question? lol, ive been working off and on for so long now, that im not exactly sure how long it took me. I had all the proper tools for the job. so that made it much easier! it took longer to sand and prep it, then it did to polish, but if i had to guess id say around 14 hours?
looks great.

i just finished going over my typhoon with tripoli. the trickflow intakes are alot easier to polish. alot more flat areas. this typhoon i'm doing is a pain in the ass but well worth it. i shoud of gotten the polished version from the start LOL

i like the fins on the trickflow.

great job. let us know when its on the car
eades5.0 said:
I love it when people mill the letters off

I love mine letters on mine TFS Track Heat , i have buddy who drive 02 Stang GT and who don't know much about Stangs , he thinks every part that is installed on my Stang coming from Cobra because i havd 94 Cobra intake , what a idiot ,i tryed to teach him about Stangs but he wont listen :notnice:
BTW i didn't leave mine TFS letters because of my buddy, i leave it because my self i love them