Popping through carb


Nov 30, 2006
I have 302 that ran fine with a two barrel but since I converted to a four barrel it won't run worth crap.I put a holley on first and it kept catching on fire inside the carb every time it would pop. Next I put a brand new edelbrock 600cfm on it and now it doesnt catch fire it just consantly pops through the carb,the gas looks extremely yellow and i am at the very bottom of the tank is the gas old? any experience would be greatly appreciated
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any chance you pulled the dizzy or rewired it? If your timimg is off or your dizzy is wired like a standard 302 not a H.O. you could have issues like you discribe. Conversely if you are running a standard 302 cam and you wire it like a 302 H.O. once again pop pop pop.