Possible Defective axle?


New Member
May 1, 2003
So I have 31 spline Moser axles installed. I went to the track on a set of 315 MT streets. After my first pass coming down the return road I noticed the car bucking at low speeds and low load, and a noise from the rear.(couldn't figure out at first if it was tire or bearing noise) The track was cold and the best 60' I could get was a 1.87. I went through everything trying to figure out what it was. I jack the car up today only to find out a have a seriously bent axle. I have hit nothing and the car was fine on the way to the track and the wheels are straight.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO BEND AN AXLE BY LAUNCHING A CAR HARD? COULD THIS BE A DEFECT FROM MOSER? The axles have been in the car for two years but have never had this good of a tire on them. Opinions please
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