Possible engine swap for terminator


New Member
May 8, 2010
Atlanta Ga
I have a 96 cobra and am thinking of swapping my engine for a 03-04 "Terminator" engine. Any ideas? How different is the terminator from my car other than it has a supercharger? What would I be getting myself into? Would it be better to just put on a turbo/supercharger kit on the existing engine?
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Aug 20, 2006
My car is a different year 99gt but I had to change every wiring harnes in the car. Now I have to change some ac lines to get that to work. If you have the time it's worth it. I will coast you some cash. If I can do it I would like to do the same swap to my 97 cobra. Just have to come up with the money. If not I'll sell the cobra and buy more parts for the 03 swapped gt it's just about the funnest thing I have ever driven.

lang williams

New Member
Jun 11, 2003
cleveland, oh
I did a kenne bell install on my 97. It's similar to a terminator swap, but no inter cooler so you can't built it up to the hp levels of a terminator swap. I picked up the blower, lightning maf, 42 lb injectors an custom tune in a x3 tuner for $2000 shipped. Easier an faster than a swap, but if you want to up the hp you have to run race gas or go with a meth injection set up. I'm happy with the 6 lb (for now) but have the 9 an 12 lb pullies if I want to go up.