post pics of 86 tail lights or cobra tail lights

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BlownStangGT said:
I just taped them all off and then primed em and painted em...then I got the measurements from a friend of where to put the stripes and put em on...really easy...just takes paitients

and what would those measurements be? i want to do this soon..... i just need a passenger lense :shrug:


I saw another guy who made replicas but he forgot the most important part - that the bottom middle stripe is shorter than the rest of them :p
If you're going to do something, do it right.

As far as spacing goes, start with the center stripes (considering the upper half of the light is one section and the lower half is another section).

The middle stripes go directly in the center of each section of the light. Then the upper and lower stripes go in the center of that strip and the top/bottom of the light. Eyeball them, then get the tape out and use the same measurement all the way through. I did my measuring every quarter inch or so all the way down the ligth to make sure the stripes were perfectly straight.
Yep, just buy some pinstriping from a parts store and make some. That's a LOT cheaper than the real SVO/Cobra tails.

Here's the real thing on my 85 1/2 SVO:


And here's the ones I made from 86 GT lights several years ago:

Hey Guys,
Latemodel Restoration Supply, has a Cobra/SVO tail light kit that cost $179.95 for the lenses, acourding to thier add in the last issue of 5.0 mustang & super fords. I tried to buy them from Latemodel's website, but could not find them. Anyway, I'm sure if you call them, they will let you know what the deal is, if you want to go with reproductions. That is what I'm going to do.