Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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A little massaging and it went right in
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Feb 18, 2001
Car is sweet Mike. Funny, New Mexico doesn’t require front license plates. To me that looks funny. But, our state is all F’ed up. :crap:

I know. I hate it, but i'm too old to deal with the BS from cops over that sort of stuff. Why I run cats and mount the front plate. I have a vanity plate on the car anyway that's Mustang related so I get compliments on that all the time so I don't mind the front plate.

(I block the plate in online photos though).
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May 16, 2010
That's just beautiful Brian!

Dave thank you. This was taken the after the accident. It's taken a lot longer to get to this point than I wanted. Other than some trash in the finish (homemade paint booth) I'm pretty pleased with the result. I now have two overall paint jobs under my belt :banana:I feel like I had the gun dialed in better this time, and used a better speed for the way it was set up. I've still got to paint the hood and bumper cover. I'm going to try to fine tune the gun from my previous setting.
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