power seat room??


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Aug 18, 2004
there was a post on here before, i tried searching for it and couldnt find it so im wondering if it was maybe before the crash. it was about removing the driver side seat and moving it back a notch to give you about another 2 inches of leg room.....does anybody remember this if so could you post a link??? thanks
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Saw the same thread and tried it on my '00 with power seats. My seat frames look different than those on the how to posts, plus they only show '98 and older models in the pics. On mine there were no additional holes and there isn't enough extra room on the seat base to make new holes. Also, the base is closely contoured to the seat bottom frame so I don't see how it could sit flush on top of the tracks if it were moved back. Maybe this mod doesn't apply to later models?
The seat track extenders mentioned above are awesome. Im 6'5"-when the car was stock i just fit enough to drive , i put these things in and with seat back the whole way i can just get the clutch to the floor so i keep the seat up an inch or two.
On an '02 the seat mod won't work on the driver's side. The stock rail has a bump-up that matches a hollow molded into the bottom of the seat. You can't move the seat back and reattach it because the bump-up doesn't have any where to go. New rails/rail extenders may be the only answer.

This mod does works great on the passenger side.
Toms_2003_Stang said:

i bought these too, great amount of extra room! but after i had them i saw a pair posted on here for like 50 bucks.....much cheaper than the 150 at rpm...do a search there was a thread about this like 2 months ago.

i tried searching for that thread, must have been wiped out. the cheapest i've found the kb seat rail extenders is at v8power.com for 123 dollars. if i see em cheaper i'll add it for you.