Power steering and wheel slop


Nov 19, 2003
Never mind. I searched the wrong way. I got it covered now.

I searched the treads... no luck. I have a solid foundation, new GT front, KYB's, 620 drop coils, new upper and lower arms, and 1-1/8" sway bar. Ball joints are in great shape and no slack in the joints. I need to deal with the slop in the steering but how. I have about 3-4" of rotation either side before the PS kicks in. I know/think that it is the steering box, but what do I do about it?

There is threaded flat top screw/bolt on the top that is out about 3/4". Is this what I turn to tighten it up? I cannot find a reference out there aside from replacing, (not an option just now) and my big green book is MIA. Help
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What you discribed is the sector shaft adjustment within the steering box. If it's only 3/4" out from the jamb nut, it's already been adjusted in quite a bit. This would indeed be indicative of a worn steering gearbox.
How is the pitman arm on the power steeing control valve?
Usually there is quite a bit of play at this connection in the factory power steering systems. The ball socket within the control valve can be adjusted to a certain degree, and most of the slop taken out if required.
sounds like your gearbox is the problem, but i was gonna ask about your power steering control valve. There is a ball joint on it and they do wear out. Not sure if you had already replaced the valve, so i thought i would mention it.