Power Steering Question

Hi there guys, I just got a 66 coupe. The guy before had this car since 68 and he installed power steering. Now, when I drove it, after bringing it home, I noticed when im done with a turn the steering wheel doesn't come back to it's original position. Also, it feels as if the steering wheel can keep on turning, like there is no point where it stops. When I was test driving some 67's the steering wheel would come back.
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The centering is controlled by a spring in the control valve. I don't know how the steering wheel could keep turning without stopping. That might be something in the box.

So the power steering was installed in the car when it was two years old? Is it a stock setup?
Well, it felt like it could keep on turning, i tunred it twice fully and it didn't stop, but i guess i'll check that later. The guy didn't specify when he put the power steering in. He said a proffessional did it, and that everything else was original stock (except the stereo)
If there is binding in the ball stud of the control valve, then that may keep it from returning to center. When you aren't turning the wheel, the hydraulics basically center and go into neutral. The wheel alignment and the torsion of the bushing in the idler arm are what makes the car want to return to center. Could be the car needs more camber (I think that's the term) or the idler arm bushing could be bad.

I don't understand what you mean by the steering wheel feels like it doesn't stop. You said you turned it fully, but it didn't stop. How do you turn it fully without hitting the stop? If the original manual steering box was left in the car, the steering wheel should turn no more than 2 1/2 turns either way from center.
Sorry, I think its cause it was the first time i was driving the car, and maybe i'm used to cars with only 2 full turns, and this one did more than 2, thus giving me the sensation of never ending :shrug: ill test it out once more later on.
The idler arm might need to be changed to one made for a power steering setup. I understand that the tension of the rubber in the idler arm can aid in returnability and the arms for power and non-power linkages are different for this reason.

Also the caster in the front end alignment may not be enough to aid the return of the steering to center.