Power Window Motor


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Apr 8, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Is it difficult to install the brush/spring kits for blown power window motors?? Mine stopped workin, and needs this kit. But should i rebuild it, or buy a used one from the junkyard? Its about $20 CDN for the rebuild, and $40-$50 for the used motor. Just wondering how difficult it would be to repair the old one... ?
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ive read it is not bad. the brushes take a dump most often, as you have figured out. but ill bump ya cuz im interested and need to do the rear window motors in the vert.
good luck.
I would see about testing the motor before you spring for the brushes...at least check to see that you have continuity through the motor(armature) if nothing else. If you don't get continuity through the armature changing the brushes won't help, and it would be better to spend the money on an entire motor.
I've also read that you should try and clean out the motor housing before replacing the brushes and springs. Because the motors hang vertically dirt and grease from the gear box falls into the area of the armature and causes bad connections.

If you do need to change the brushes I have heard that it's not that bad. I had a link to a web site, if I can find it I'll post it here later.
okay, so ive got the power window motor apart, and one of the springs and a washer have fallen out of place. does anyone have a diagram or something showing how it goes back together!? And there was tons of dirt in there also, which is cleaned out now.
argg, someone please help!! One of the springs has fallen off, and a washer also fell out of the motor, its very tiny. They are on the side without the brush and it has the big flat thing which looks like it has a contact on it... im pretty sure i know where the spring goes, but what holds it in? and i need to know how the motor goes back together! Please, i cant go n e where rite now. lol