Power Window


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May 14, 2019
Hi I love my new eco boost. BUT the rear power window sticks and I KNOW it has something to do with the rubber casing, there is a split but it has to be there so the top will go up/down. I tried silicone and it works once or twice then starts sticking again. I have to pull the window closed about 1/2 " manually to close it all the way. Any suggestions? It really is annoying and I know it's a small thing to fix but I have no idea!! Thanks all
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I Bleed Ford Blue

Active Member
Feb 13, 2017
North Olmsted OH
Is it a convertible? My did the same thing, then I tried a healthy shot of wd-40 silicone spray and it's fine now. You may have to reapply periodically. Make sure you apply to both sides even if only one side is affected. It was my understanding that the problem stems from the window seals being too tight and the torque limiting window motor stops to keep from burning up or breaking itself, it's a built in safety factor. I chalk it up as the price you pay to have a convertible.