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May 29, 2002
Litchfield, NH
I am in the process of doing my supercharger install, and am wondering a few things. 1- Anyone have any power estimates and 1/4 time estimates ? 2- Is there anything you guys think I am forgetting or should have ?? Here's a little info on the car :

All of this is in a 1988 T-Bird (formerly a turbocoupe 4cyl)

GT-40 crate long block w/gt-40 intake and gt-40x heads, E303, Shorties w/ o/r X pipe to 2.5 tails. Comp[lete MSD ignition system w 6BTM box, 190lph, 76mm c&l, 65 MM t/b, cobra ECU w/24lb'ers tremec, 4.10's and a bunch of other goodies for handeling/braking/ and chassis. In this config I've done a best of 13.1 @106ish with M/T ET streets, and 290 rwhp/315rwtq

Heres whats being installed with the charger:
P1SC set-up for 12lbs, 3 core intercooler, pro-m univer, 42lb injectors w/ in-line pump BBK LT headers w/shorty X-pipe, 70mm throttle body, tubular K-member, front coil overs (drag spring rates)
Once installed I with have it dyno tuned with a custom chip too.

You guys think I will hit 11's and about 450rwhp ??? This is what I am hoping for. Remember its in a heavy tbird, I did lighten it up a little though.

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