Price for TTII's and Billet 500 Magnums.


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Sep 11, 2004
I have been searching for the best prices on 17 and 18" Torq Thrust II's or Billet Magnum 500s. Does anyone know who has the best prices on these wheels? Would a 18x10 TT II fit on the back of a 69 Mach1? I reviewed Dodgestangs chart and there was no 18x10 listed. The 500s come in 18x9.5 which I know will fit the rear with a 6" BS. I would like to go with the 500s in 18x8 w/ 4.5" BS for the front and 18x9.5 w/ 6" BS in the rear, but the wheels seem way to expensive at over $500 a piece. I will probably end up going with TT II's in 17x8 (4.5 BS) and 17x9.5 (5.5 BS) only because of the prices that I found so far. Any recommendations on places I should look or your opionions on my choice of wheels. This is a tougher decision than I thought. Also if anyone has pics of a 69 with these wheels please post them.

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I've bought a couple dozen sets of the TT II's. Newstalgia ( has consistently been the best price and service lately. Better yet, they are a site sponsor here. Ge ahold of Howard or Shawn there.
Just ordered my wheels from newstaglia wheels. They are 17x8 TT IIs in front with 4.5" BS and 17x9.5 in the rear with 5.5" BS. I spoke to Howard as mentioned and he did the right thing for me. Total price for just the wheels with locks, lugs and stems came to $1150 shipped to my door. My neighbor owns a wheel and tire shop and his cost was higher than the price they gave me. As for tires I'm going with Nitto555 245/45/17 and 275/40/17 the price my neighbor gave me for all 4 was $430 and he'll mount and balance them for free. I think that $1580 is well worth the money and these wheels are going to make the car look great. I'll post some pics of the before and after in around 4-6 weeks when they arrive. JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER!!!

BTW Mike, Howard had great things to say about you and he appreciates you recommending them for business, I'll be sure to do the same. Thanks
BTW Mike, Howard had great things to say about you and he appreciates you recommending them for business, I'll be sure to do the same. Thanks[/QUOTE]

Thanks. I appreciate Howard's willingness to give good service and prices. I also appreciate that he appreciates his customers. Sounds like you got great prices and will have a nice set up. My 67 has 18x10's with Nitto 305/45 555R drag radials and your 245 17's on the front. I needed 5.5 BS on the front cause Wilwood brakes added some width to my track width. It's tubbed, narrowed, etc so my rear BS (3") would probably not fit another car in the world.
Now I'm looking into a Baer Track kit for the front and rear. Comes with 13" drilled/slotted/zinc rotors all around and all stainless lines and hoses custom made by the supplier. Total kits with everything including shipping and tax was $2,300. Seems like a great price to me what do you think.