Expired 1988 Fox Notch With A Termi Swap And Tt

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Dec 16, 2014
For sale is my 1988 fox body TT 4.6 L swap. The build is mechanically 9-10, interior is 9-10, Car needs paint to be done. This isn't just another parts and motor untested-swap. It is tuned and tested on E-85, idles at 800RPM, cold-starts perfectly, great driveability, no blow by, and track tested in FL on 18 in. Nittos. Add Big and littles, dial in the suspension and go even faster. Not just a swap, but a reliable completed build. DISCLAIMER: I don't care what you think it is worth, If I wanted your appraisal I would have asked for it. If you're interested in buying it txt me at 561-531-3555, or pm me. Car has over 30K in parts, and fabrication, asking 21K OBO. Thanks for looking.

2003 4.6 L Terminator SVT block, crank, Manley (SVT rods), Diamond forged pistons. 8.5:1 comp. ratio
factory OVH cams
Factory 4 valve C-heads

Air management:
Custom, 1 of a kind Turbo Kit Stainless Steel hot- side, polished aluminum cold-side, with twin 61mm Turbos, dual TIAL 44mm waste-gates. Custom polished sheet metal intake, all vacuum lines under hood are steel braided AN style lines. Factory, Polished Cobra mono-blade throttle body. Kit was made to fit the fox chassis perfect.
Zeitronix AFR gauge flush mount in-dash
Custom SS 3in dual x-pipe w/ Magnaflows, and dumps.

Fuel System:
Factory sumped tank, with an in-tank 255LPH Walbro, an external mounted Magnafuel 750 pump (only triggered under boost, for optimal driveability, fuel temp, and pump life).
dash 8 custom braided lines for delivery and return
Magnafuel fuel pressure regulator and Autometer gauge
ID 1000 injectors with custom polished rails

Engine management:
EFI Analytics, MS-2, controls fuel management, timing, rev. limit, and boost.
Ford Factory EDIS for coil on plug ignition management

Cooling & Venting:
3-Caluminum radiator
all braided and AN fitted lines for water passage (no hose clamps)
2200 CFM flexalite fan- Car runs 163F at constant idle
Custom overflow bottle with AN fitted overflow hose routed to rear bumper
Black anodized Aluminum catch can with braided black hose and dash 10 lines to valve covers

Race prepped 4R70W Ford transmission with over-drive, firm shifts, and can cruise [email protected] RPM, [email protected] 2200RPM, excellent driveability.
Transmission is controlled by a Bauman electronic transmission controller for cruising like a stock vehicle. Flip a switch and transmission becomes fully manual shift (1st-3rd)with high line pressure for race applications.
Ultimate convertor with a 3200 RPM stall. 355 rear with welded axle tubes, Eaton center section, with race clutches.
Trans-Brake on factory cruise control button

Front: UPR tubular K-member, A-arms, coil- over struts. Weld-in sub-frame connectors.
Rear: UPR anti-roll bar, solid upper and lower control arms, coil over shocks.

Interior and wheels:
Factory black 1993 mustang interior with new TMI black seats, new factory seat belts, head liner, rear package tray. Rear-seat delete.
ADR silver "webbed" wheels 18x8 fronts with new Nitto 555 ZR 245x40x18, 18x10 rears with new Nitto 555R 285x40x18 Drag radials.
Car has an 8-point roll cage with removable door bars, Kenwood stereo with 4 speakers. battery in the rear with track legal shut-off.

1/4 mi. 1.59 60', 9.70 ET @ 151 MPH on the 18 in. Nitto Drag Radials. 20 PSI on E85.
2003 Factory hydro-boost brakes and steering, no A/C.
* Tired of project car, have others, just needs paint, body has no rust.










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