Price of classics going up


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Apr 8, 2001
North Atlanta
Just did an NADA price search on my mustang....

Stock, no options, just basic coupe....

Average retail: $8400. Two months ago, the SAME NADA guide said that the price was $7200. CRAZY! Lets see...$1200 value increase, every 2 the end of the year it should be worth over $12grand!!! LOL
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Wow, I've mentioned in the past that I'd only consider these estimates as EXTREMELY general as far as an accurate price goes. That said, holy cow! Average retail of my car 66, 2+2, 289, A/C) at 17,760? I could almost get my money out of this sucker with that kind of bank. :p

Too bad I'm never selling, huh? :D

Edit: I dunno man. I just entered my buddy's 65 A code GT Vert, and I've never seen an excellent condition car like this go for ...$41K! :eek:
I looked at the price for my 73 convertible and it came back with an average retail price of 17,300. Is that right I have seen some around the low retail price of 8,750 that it listed and one on ebay for like 11,000, but I have never seen one at 17,300. I don't think that I could ever sell mine for that much due to the fact that I have very few original parts on my stang because of all the mods I've done to it over the years. Really it doesn't matter because I don't think that I could ever sell my stang either.
Yeah... it's pretty nice to see that I bought my 67 Fastback last year in April for less than the low retail and right now it's definitely an average retail car.. if not a little better.

1967 Mustang Fastback w/ 289 - 4-speed - A/C - Deluxe Interior

Low: $14,505
Average: $24,970
High: $42,125

So tempting to sell.. but in no way will it happen. It's AAAAAAAALL mine!

Not to mention even on ebay I wouldn't get $25,000 for it... nice guestimate though NADA... :rolleyes:

well, according to NADA... my 1970 sportsroof with a 302 and c-4 and a/c is worth...
$10,450 avg retail.

Not bad, that's about what I've been quoting people who ask me about it. And especially not bad since I got the thing for 5g :nice:

The Swede
I for one am glad to see the value of my '68 fastback go up. I can't get over thinking about it this way: A few years back, I took a severe beating with my 401K. The value of it dropped about $35,000. Had I taken that money out before it crashed and invested it in a decent Shelby GT350, I could have been making money rather than losing sleep. What did I learn from this? Invest in what you love, in my case cars, and you'll never go wrong.