Pro-M Bullet calibration #s - Questions..

Hey all I bought a used Pro M Chrome 75mm Bullet and some 24 lb ers.. [to go with my AFR 165s and E Brock upper n lower].

Anyway, on the black box on top of the meter, it says:

Model: 75mm Con
Serial: 00A8039
Calibration: wn

I called Pro-M to ask about wether or not it was for a cone filter or stock airbox, and what the "wn" was all about. He didnt seem to be of much help. I gather the 75mm Con = conical filter. When I told him it said Calibration "wn" he said "wn?? you mean N/A? right?" I said "no... unless thats a very sloppy n and a very sloppy a it says "wn" in lower case". He then told me it was a naturally aspirated calibration. [but it doesnt say "na".... :shrug: ].

Could the "wn" mean - with nitrous?

Anyone care to check their meter to see? Or have any of you ordered a new one withg the same stuff on it? I can't go ask the old owner because it was bought from a guy I know that got it on trade for some parts.

Thanks! :banana:
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