Probably another header question


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Nov 29, 2004
Miami, FL
Ok well I did a quick search and couldnt really find anything that helped me much. But I wanted to know in your opinions, what would be the best headers to use on our 5.0 motors? Of course I would want it to be shorties. I have heard some good things about equal length headers. Or since my motor is pretty much stock and I dont plan on touching the motor should I just leave the stock headers be? The most I plan on after that as far as exhaust goes is maybe a high flow h. And leave the stock catbacks because I dont really want a loud car. I hate exhaust drone since my driving is always highway. Thanks guys.
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Taking into account everything I saw you say :D

I'd not go with any header
Stay with the oem manifolds like you talked about :)

besides ... you won't hardly feel any gain with headers :(

Now ... If you wanna mod you will ... REALLY FEEL :banana:

Step up the ratio of your gears ;)