problem with ebay (ebayer)

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How long did you give them to pay, and what type of payment methods did you accept?
You don't want to act too soon, as for even if it's not your fault they are going to leave you negative feedback too.
This is why i only take paypal, there is no "lost in the mail" and their is definitive proof that they sent payment.

I give everyone 3 days to paypal, but i stretch it to about a week. I also let them know, that i have never left anyone any negative feedback and i don't want to.
well I stated that I will only take paypal payment. I had in the payment instructiond that payment was to be made within 2 days. I will give him a week to be fair cause you never know he might have had to leave the country for a death in the familly or some other really good reason and the last thing on his mind would be some headlights he bought on ebay.
yeah, i find 2 days to be a pretty short amount of time. Even the 3 i suggest is short, but i say 3 hoping for it to be to me in a week. Sometimes people bid on things they don't have the money for yet. Some are pretty cool about it, and ask if you can wait until a certain day. Which i usually do.
Remember, you are only dealing with $30, hopefully that is not making or breaking you.
Ebay requires you to wait 7 days for payment.You cant file a non payment untill after 7 days. You can ask for it sooner but dont mean youll get it. By ebay rules he has 7days from auction end date to pay.
Yeah, most sellers give at least 7 days to pay. Unless you really need the cash, I'd take it easy for a few more days then send him another notice and finally and obviously report him to e-bay if he doesn't pay up.