Problem with new wideband O2 sensor?


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May 8, 2002
Danbury, Connecticut
Hey guys, I have my new LC-1 wideband O2 sensor hooked up to my Autometer A/F Ratio gauge and the gauge will just randomly get locked on 11.0:1. The instructions say that when this happens it usually means that the O2 sensor has gone bad (it's a BRAND new sensor, been in the car for two days).

It has happened multiple times already in the past few days days and is completely random. All I have to do is turn the car off and back on again and it starts working.

Anybody have any advice?

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Here is a reply I received from somebody on the Innovative forums:


No you don't have a bad sensor, but you might have bad power or ground. Check your power ground connections. They might be intermittent. Did you hook up a LED to check for error conditions?


Look like I need to take a look at the wiring and make sure that the power/ground is OK. Very strange that it works sometimes though...

Other than the problem I'm having, I love the setup! It's great!