Problems with Window Louvers. Help!


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Sep 27, 2000
I had the dealer install those window louvers and they used this 3m tape crap. the louvers came off so I had them replace it (no charge of course) and they used the same tape. I can already see it pulling away from the window. Anyone have a better way to apply these louvers?
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Mine are 3M'd on. They started to come away too, but I bought some tape and redid them myself. I took the time to clean and prep the window very carefully and they've now been on longer, with no give, than they were after the original install.

I recommend doing it yourself, since you care enough to make sure that the most important part of the task - the prep - is done properly.
Yeah, its a real bad job by the dealer. I finaly ripped them off because I was afraid of loosing them on the side of the road again. I am not sure what kind they are but I am going to spend the time and care to do it myself. Thanks guys.
the first step to a sucessful application is to clean the parts. i am a bodyman and do this all day long. you would not believe the comments i get from other techs when they see my cleaning & retaping of mouldings. they say "WOW, you get those CLEAN!" yes i do! i never have them come back because they dont stick!!!

you need to take a razor blade and shave off the tape that is on there now. i hold the razor almost flat to the piece and slide it along the edge of the tape. this gets most of the tape off. than i use 3M general purpose adhesive remover. just apply it and let it soak. then i use the razor blade perpendicular to the tape and scrape off the remaining tape. it should be clean and smooth now. one more time apply the adhesive remover and wipe dry. if you have it, apply some wax and grease remover as well, to clean the oil from your hands that is left on the part. this is not 100% necessary, but a good preventative measure. then use a 3M adhesion promoter wipe and wipe the tape mounting area. let that dry for a few minutes, then apply the 3M double sided tape. use firm pressure when applying it to the louver to be sure it does not come off again.

when you have this done, clean the window very well. do it a few times to be SURE it is clean. also, MAKE SURE THE GLASS AND LOUVER ARE AT ROOM TEMP!!! if the parts are cold, the tape wont stick as well.

then carefully apply the louver to the window.

if everything is clean, and you followed these steps, making sure everything was clean, the part should STICK for a long time. i have NEVER had a moulding come back because the tape didnt stick. other techs have them come back regularly. CLEAN is the most important part. it is all in the prep!!

GOOD LUCK!! :cheers: