Mach 1 Prochamber Question


Apr 10, 2005
Hello! I come venturing from the 94/95 area of the thread and I'm looking to buy my brother a mid-pipe and MIL elmininators for his birthday. He likes the sound of a prochamber and the SLP-1 catback, but I'm not entirely sure which part number I need for his car on the MAC front.

I checked out their website and I see two options:

PC9900 which is 99-04 GT/Cobra 2.5" Pro Chamber

or the

PCM9924 which is 99-04 2V/4V Modular Pro Chamber with Off Road/Cat legs, to stock.

The second is nearly 600 bucks and the first is half of that. He is keeping his headers stock so, what do I need guys?


EDIT: He doesn't want cats, if that wasn't caught on to by the mention of MIL-elims.
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sounds like the 2 one comes with both the catted legs and the o/r ones in case you have to swap them for some reason like emissions testing or what not. Not sure about which one you need for sure though my bassani used the same part # as the GT.