Pulleys what is the difference


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Sep 25, 2006
Hey Guys

I am looking into getting pulley's and I see there are a lot of different manufactures and different finishes of pulleys. They range from $120 to $200.

what would be the best set to go with. I am assuming that the price difference is
because they are mad from different metals\material etc not that one makes more HP than the other. Am I right in assuming this?

what would be the best pulley set to go with? I am not a huge bling guy as long
as they are good quality .

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well ur on the right track not wanting to just go bling. I recomend Steeda U/D pullies. I had no prob w/ the install and they are of great quality. Don't bother with the "piggy-back" desgin models the point is to reduce roating mass and load not add weight. They are black in finish which is perfect if u need to pass inspection in Cali, polished alluminum under the hood calls for unwated attention at times.
Go Steeda or go home. I put my steeda pullies in not too long ago. I think the biggest change has been in mileage. I took a 300 mi trip right after I did my install and I recorded a 1-2 mile a gallon increase. The car revs a little quicker, but no huge power gains. I havent used a tank in town yet but when I do, ill post the mileage difference. As far as the install, get the balancer removal tool from an auto parts store. Its free to borrow. Make sure, sure, sure you torqe it correctly. Also before you break the crank bolt loose use your PB blaster. Makes it a much easier job.