Pullin the parking lights

Hey guys...been a long while but I'm outta school and back to the stang.

First project is putting a new front valence on. Simple as that may be, I've gotten stuck. The old valence is unbolted and is only held in by the parking lights. The bezels for the lights can't fit through the hole in the valence obviously, and I can't find any way to pull the housing apart from the chrome bezel in order to get the valence off without cutting the wires. I have a feeling it's something very simple, and that my housing is just too old to come apart the way it should. I've tried everything and would rather not cut into the old wiring, I don't know if it can stand an even simple splice.

......... w
......... w
....... _w_
.. __ |h |___
.. \__bezel__/

here's a little diagram that probably won't help, where h is the housing and w is wires.

Thanks in advance,
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