Engine Push Rods


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Jun 9, 2013
Hey new on here, just bought my second mustang. Picked up a 88 gt, has been updated with a 306,gt40 upper gt 40 lower, comp cam 270, bbk headers, bbk throttle body, and I believe original maf. Has 24lb injectors and 255lph fuel pump, this info came from the guy who built it. Couple of questions, pushrod length the engine has a little valve noise I was told the pushrods were a little short cause of heads. Also I need to put a fuel pressure regulator on the car, what would u recommend the pressure to be at? Any help would be great!
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what heads and rockers are on the car. The noise could be anything from improper adjusted rockers, to a collapsed lifter, to weak valve springs. To properly check the push rod length, you need an adjustable push rod length checker. The procedure to do this has been written up many times. You essentially want the rocker to come in contact with the center of the valve stem. Before you start pulling anything apart, figure out what the problem is.

Why do you need to put a FPR on. Is the old one not working? Pull the vacuum line off the end of the FPR. Do you smell or feel gas in the line? That would indicate the diaphragm is failing. For 99% of n/a cars, 39-41 is the right setting. You really don't need anything but the stock FPR, as your car will adjust it to around 39 automatically. The reason to get an adjustable FPR is if you want to tune the car or are adding a blower.
There cast iron gt40 heads, not sure on rockers. Will be pulling the valve covers off soon to get a idea. It sounds like a ticking noise, the guy I bought the car from told me that the engine builder said the push rods were just a smidgen to short.