pushrod ?


5 Year Member
Nov 16, 2004
Im setting up my rockers and noticed the pushrods only have the ball on one end and not the other. My ? is which end sits in the rocker the ball end or the other side? I tryied to get intouch w/ Ed C but no luck today so far. I want to button up the motor tonight. Help much appreciated!
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Im thinking the ball must sit in the rocker end to give it clearence as the valve moves through out its stroke, so the end of the rocker doesnt hit the rod. What do ya think ? I just set the lash with them installed with the ball up, just would like a piece of mind before i drop the covers on and button it up.:shrug:
That is weird? mine stock and TFS are sym. in that both ends look the same (rounded).

What is your valvetrain setup?

Sure you have the correct PR?

From what I hear Ed is hard to get ahold of but he does eventually get back to you.
I got everything from Ed comp stud mount rockers, PS3 spring upgrade for the AFRs, pushrods, valveseals, and cam. I just dont get these pushrods,?
double check they are the correct ones with Ed (wild guess as this is why your tring to get ahold of him anyway :D )...maybe he sent some GM ones or something.

Maybe those specific stud mount rockers need a special PR IDK.